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NG-D propellers paramotors


carbon propellers for paramotors - ground adjustable pitch


ng-d eprops



- E-PROPS = Hi-Tech propellers for paramotors, made in France


- ground adjustable models NG-D : interesting for engines and paramotors manufacturers, and also for champions

- very light : less than 750 gr for a 2-blades prop

- extremely strong : blades full carbon, Helical Continuous Fibers, leading edge protection

- 600 different models (2-, 3-, 4-blades), for all engines, diameters from 115 to 160 cm


- sold all over the world (76 countries)



hélices NG-D pour paramoteurs









prices PLUG n FLY





NG-D Trike

NG-D 3-blades on Fenix paratrike

weight = 1,7 kg

Delivered with flange and screws



NG-D hélicesNG-D kit + screws NG-D hélices pour paramoteurs













Propellers of 3rd generation : efficient, light and strong

High CL profiles by Hélices E-Props (software LmPTR)

Adapted diameter and blades' numbers defined according to engines and reducers

Specific E-PROPS design with high CL profiles : more thrust, fuel economy and noise reduction


NG-D models





NG-D are ground adjustable pitch models. This principle is interesting for engines and paramotors manufacturers and for champions.

According to diameters, engines and their reducers, it exists more than 600 NG-D models (2,3, and 4-blades), sold in more than 76 different countries






NG-D weigth : about 750 gr for a 2-blades

About 30 to 50% less than competitor props

The E-PROPS are the lightest propellers on the market












100% carbon + epoxy resin

Optimum use of carbon fibers braid to obtain light and strong blades

Foam core with D-Box

RTM manufacturing process

=> see manufacturing

Carbon braid, with continue fibers between upper and lower surfaces of the blade.

The HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process, specifically designed by E-PROPS, ensures an exceptional strength of the 100% carbon + epoxy resin blade, from leading edge to trailing edge, from blade's foot to tip.








Special hubs in densified wood / resin (light and strong material) or 100% carbon, depending on the propeller model. See details below.

It is recommended to get a Digital Protractor.

Hub's weight = 350 gr in wood / resin - 300 gr in carbon

Hub's thickness = 60 mm in wood / resin - 75 mm in carbon


Leading edge protection




Strong leading edge protection

Internal shielding of the blades : injection at the leading edge of a special resin with Nanostrength® (ARKEMA product : high kinetic energy absorption capacity)


Moment of Inertia




About 550 kg.cm² [for a 125 cm diameter model]

Strict respect of the limitations of the engines manufacturers

=> see moment of inertia





Propellers balanced with an electronic bench

=>see balancing


Tracability / blade's remplacement









Model's ref on each blade

A RFID chip is in each blade is inserted in each blade, with all technical data inside.

Unique serial number on each blade

Strict quality control; quick replacement of one blade possible)

=> see manufacturing

To know if a blade can be repaired or not, please send pictures of the damages and indicated the serial number (on the hub)


Mechanical Strength / Tests




NG-D propeller can hold 4 times the maximal load during 1 hour without any damages (AESA standards ask for 2 times)

=> the E-PROPS are extremely strong propellers


Tracking / Dynamic Gap






The maximum static tracking is 25 mm (tracking is not important if you haven't vibrations).

Dynamic gap : up to 2 cm (the blade can move towards the engine at max power)

This gap is depending on the engine assembly, on the cage and on the silent-blocks.

It is recommanded to part the propeller from the cage of minimum 4 cm.










The holes on the NG-D are made to adapted to each engine - reducer.

On some models, drilling parterns are using only 4 holes on the 6 holes. It is normal and those configurations have been calculated and tested.

6-blades propellers are assembled on 130 hp engines by 6 screws M8; 4 screws M8 are enough to assemble a propeller on a 35 hp engine.

Never put a rubber spacer between the reducer and the propeller; the screws would break.





Screws 6 mm = 10 N.m

Screws 8 mm = 20 N.m




3.000 RPM measured at propeller = engine max RPM / reducer ratio


Max power



up to 50 hp on engine with reducer

Never user a NG-D propeller on a thermic direct drive engine








Maintenance before each flight: visual inspection of the propeller and check of the screws

Periodic maintenance: check of the tightening every 25 hours of flight or every 3 months

Cleaning of a carbon propeller is made with a sponge, with some water with soap, or with a product for windows cleaning.

Small impacts / Repairs




Small impacts can be easily repaired (epoxy or araldite resin, small sanding)

If an incident or a shock require an important repair, this one must be realized by HELICES E-PROPS or an agreed repairing center.


Order / Payment / Delivery




Contact us by email [email protected]


Worldwide delivery by Express (DHL / FEDEX / UPS...)




pale hélice E-PROPS NG-D






NG-D HUBS : 100% carbon or densified wood-resin




1 - 100% CARBON HUB :

For engines about 50 hp, rotation sense CW or CCW, 3-blades pusher configuration only (at this day)

Hub's weight = 300 gr

Hub's thickness = 75 mm

Holes = 6M8d75

RTM process : see page fabrication


moyeu carbone hauteclaire carbon hubmoyeu carbone hauteclaire carbon hub propeller

carbon hub / moyeu carbone

moyeu carbon helice e-props hauteclaire carbon hub

hub 100 % carbon - 3-blades NG-D propeller





For engines up to 50 hp, rotation sense CW or CCW, 2-blades and 3-blades, tractor or pusher configuration

Hub's weight = 350 gr

Hub's thickness = 60 mm

Holes = 6M8d75 (other drilling paterns possible, please contact us)



moyeu hauteclaire bois densifie specail wooden resin hub

2-blades NG-D - hub in densified wood



Material : densified wood + epoxy resin (the wood is there as a matrix)

This material has the same mechanical characteristics as some aluminium alloys, and weights 50 percent less that aluminium.

Mechanical strength = 277 MPa [against 280 MPa for aluminium ref 2017].

It is used for example to manufacture the insolators of the raiways, because it has a high resistance in strength, a high dimensional stability, a very strong resistance to products as oil or fuel, and also a very good weather resistance.

The hub in densified wood is as strong as a carbon one.

The E-PROPS company is using this material since 2008. Those type of hubs are manufactured on a E-PROPS CNC machine.


=> The interests of this material against aluminium : as strong as aluminium and two time lighter, easy to manufacture, cheaper.


moyeu hauteclaire bois densifie specail wooden resin hub

2-blades NG-D - hub in densified wood



ng-d propeller ng-d hub

hub in 2 parts






[a] Get both blades, both parts of the hub and screws together. The material of the hub is very dense and does not require any plate. Medium washers are included in the kit to put under the screws' heads.

[b] Put the blades in the hub, and the whole propeller on the reducer's flange.

[c] Close the hub and make a first very slow torque of the screws.

[d] Adjust the pitch.

[e] Torque the screws as mentionned in the manual


If you have vibrations, the problem is certainly coming from the pitch adjustment. Please do it again carefully.


The E-PROPS are very well balanced in the assembly line. Please see BALANCING PAGE.