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Welcome to E-PROPS !





On behalf of the Helices E-PROPS team, I'm pleased to welcome you to the company's website.

You will find here the presentation of our 100% carbon propellers, designed and produced in France, innovative, very light and extremely efficient, which encounter a great technical and commercial success.

The layout of the site is voluntary sober; the contents aim to be above all technical, rich and detailed, with a lot of information, descriptions, tests reports and pictures.

Our company has been created by three enthusiasts, who give all their time and their energy to work out and to propose on the market some new solutions to make aircraft safer, more silent, more efficient and more economic.


Our passion is to build a long-lasting company, in which people are motivated and proud to design, to manufacture and to sell fantastic products giving all satisfaction to their users. Within just a few years, we have built a strong company which employs 23 people and which sells thousands propellers in 70 countries, just only because our products and services are the best.

See things differently, not stop in the existing concepts, explore new ways, not respect preconceived ideas, invent ceaselessly, imagine, explore, create, innovate and innovate again, to propose better and more efficient products : that is what leads the E-PROPS team.

In the propellers sector, some more of researches have to be made, some more of progress have to be achieved and some limits have to be pushed away... 110 years ago, aviation did not exist!

We hope you enjoy your visit to these pages, and that one day you discover the E-PROPS propellers !

Anne Lavrand

General Manager



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We do not come from nowhere :


laurent charron


At the beginning of the XXth century, my great-grandfather Louis Laurent was a smith and a cartwright,

and made hubs, wheels and equipments for ground vehicles in Aspremont (South Alpen, France)


A century later, in 45 km from there, his great-granddaughter manages a company which makes propellers

and equipments for air vehicles


The passion and love of a job well done, it comes from family !


Anne Lavrand


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