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E-PROPS : the world's lightest propellers




The E-PROPS are the STRONGEST and the QUIETEST propellers on the market, they give the best EFFICIENCY, and they are also the WORLD's LIGHTEST props.



weight PLUG n FLY the lightest propellers

weighting of a 2-blades PLUG'n'FLY : 489 gr

3-blades plug n fly propeller the lightest

weighting of a 3-blades PLUG'n'FLY : 627 gr




The E-PROPS SCIMITAR for paramotors, 2-blades, diameter 125 cm, usually weight less than 500 gr



Some examples :

masses eprops paramoteurs


It is very easy to compare, just take a balance...

On the E-SHOP, you can see the weight of each propeller.




WHY the E-PROPS are the LIGHTEST ?


1 - Because of their design

The E-PROPS team has always worked to propose very light products, because in aviation, mass is the bigger enemy.

From the beginning of the propeller design to the final finish, including all manufacturing process, every step has been thought to save weight.



2 - Because of their materials

The E-PROPS are made in carbon braid, with continue fibers between upper and lower surfaces of the blade (very high resistance). The carbon presents by far the best compromise rigidity / weight. In the composite material used by E-PROPS, the carbon is the reinforcement and the epoxy resin the matrix.

The epoxy resin is the resin preferred in aeronautics because it has very good mechanical and thermal properties, a small shrinkage in the molding, a big resistance to fatigue, a good dimensional stability and a chemical good performance, as well as an excellent adhesion on fibers.

The E-PROPS are made with only carbon braid and epoxy resin : no fiberglass, no metallic parts, no mixture of materials. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication !



3 - Because of their manufacturing process

The E-PROPS parts are injected with the RTM process (Resin Transfer Molding), which allows to save epoxy resin, while staying very strong.

More data on the page : MANUFACTURING



4 - Because of their finish

E-PROPS propellers are polished : it is the lightest solution and the blades are shining during their all life. They do not have a heavy gel coat layer or paint coat, as many competitors props, which shines when they are new, but which ages very quickly. A gel-coat layer can add more than 150 gr on 125 cm diameter propeller.

The E-PROPS propellers are just beautiful with their apparent carbon finish.



The materials and the innovative manufacturing process finalized by E-PROPS allow to obtain shiny, very solid and extremely light parts !






Comfort increased for the pilot = > less mass propeller on the back, fewer gyroscopic efforts, less couple, much less vibrations.


More resistant propeller => because faster acceleration and deceleration of the engine.

The propeller is more reactive, it stops much more fast, that is fewer risks of break in case of shock in the propeller (less stored kinetic energy, thus fewer damages in case of impact)


Low moment of inertia : the E-PROPS are known for their small moment of inertia, which is a guarantee for long life for the engine. A heavy propeller can quickly damage the engine.


Better functioning of the engine = > fewer constraints on the reducer, fewer vibrations due to the functioning propeller.

In using an ultra-light propeller, the engine will keep its best performances during all its life.


Please note : a propeller cannot be "too" light. Even an ultra-light propeller generates enough moment of inertia.




plug ultralight the lightest on the market