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Since the beginning of aviation, propellers did not stop evolving. In leisure aviation, three main periods can be distinguished :



1rst generation

The 1st generation of propellers for the light aviation was contituted by wooden or metal propellers. In the 1940s - 1950, those fixed-pitch propellers were adapted more or less well to direct drive engines (as Continental, Lycoming, Volkswagen). They were mostly certified. To have a little better efficiency, the only solution was to use some rare variable-pitch, heavy and expensive.






2nd generation

In the 1980s - 1990, some composite propellers come on the market. Those propellers were lighter and showed a better efficiency. The ground adjustable pitch system marks a significant step forward for leisure aviation.



E-PROPS hélices




3rd generation

The 2000s - 2010 have discover the 3rd generation of propellers. Due to mechanical performances of the carbon fiber, new aerodynamic designs become possible : high CL profiles, narrow chords, very big diameters, positions of the blades... The numerical modelling studies allow to optimize propeller's performances on all speed's range of the aircraft. It is possible to obtain the best thrust during all the flight with the same pitch (what is called "ESR effect" on E-PROPS propellers). It is not necessary to choose between "take-off" and "cruise" performances.

The increases in efficiency are important.

This explains why those new propellers as E-PROPS are replacing the old ones, for example EVRA fixed wooden propellers on the DYN'AERO MCR, and even variable pitch propellers.

Example :

- as the one designed by Serge PENNEC for the GAZ'AILE, less efficient than the E-PROPS fixed VORPALINE model

- 3-blades E-PROPS propeller ground adjustable pitch is significantly more efficient than the 3-blades variable pitch WOODCOMP

- DURANDAL 80-S ground ajustable pitch with same performances as those obtained with a variable pitch propeller ARPLAST PV50 on MCR 80 hp

- DURANDAL 100-XL more efficient that a DUC FLASH propeller on G1 100 hp

- DURANDAL 100-M, chosen by the designers of the Ellipse Spirit, MCR, SHARK, DYNAMIC, VL3...

- ALMACIA 80, more efficient than a variable picth propeller IDROVARIO on ASSO V

Coming soon : comparative tests with a DAU (Data Acquisition System) on the ultralight of the company.


The E-Props propellers are the lightest on the market. The advantages of a light propeller are undeniable.



hélices de 3ème génération propellers of 3rd génération E-PROPS



The constant advances in innovative technologies, design's tools and tests systems let envisage in the next years new progress on propellers.






DURANDAL propellers

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