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3-blades carbon propeller, ground adjustable pitch, for tow aircraft, tractor configuration

engines ROTAX 912S, 912iS (100 hp), 914 (115 cv) and 915 (135 hp)

hélices E-Props for tow ultralights









Number of blades


Rotation sense

Clockwise [1]



Propellers designed for



Tow aircraft with engines ROTAX 912S, 912iS (100 hp), 914 (115 cv) and 915 (135 hp)

Diameters 175 or 180 cm
Weight 2,8 kg
Moment of inertia [2] 3.800 kg.cm²
Max RPM 2.600 RPM
Price 1888 € without taxes

WT9 dtnamic remorqueur E-PROPS


[1] clockwise = right rotation in the wind made by the propeller

[2] max moments of inertia => ROTAX : 6000 kg.cm²


technical data e-props

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The 3-blades model DURANDAL is one of the most popular model of the E-PROPS range. Since 2010, hundreds are flying in all over the world, providing a great pleasure to their owners. See the CUSTOMERS FEEDBACK


There are 8 different sub-models of DURANDAL propellers, depending on the engine (Rotax 912, 912S, 914, 915), reduction ratio, diameter (from 155 to 180 cm), use (speed, cruise, STOL, tow). Any time it is a different blade geometry, in order to have the exact propeller adapted to the aircraft, the engine and the use. The DURANDAL-R model is specially designed for towing use.




Each DURANDAL 100-R propeller is delivered complete and ready to be mounted with :
- All screws (inox 8.8, Nord-Lock washers)

- An aluminium black anodized flange for tightening

- The 6 Rotax drive lugs for centering (price = 32,5 € without taxes, included in the propeller's total price)

- If necessary, the extended hub which replaces a spacer.

See page EXTENDED HUBS ISS. Option offered : again a major saving !
- The digital protractor, to adapt the pitch, very precise (price = 75 € without taxes, included in the propeller's total price)
- The Instruction and Service Manual of E-Props propellers, updated version.

See it here : MANUALS
- The identification sheet of the propeller with ref number, max RPM, recommended first pitch

colis parcel

content of the package DURANDAL 100-R


The price of the propeller is including all those components.

Only a potential spinner is in option.

At E-PROPS, no need to add more expensive parts !





190 different ultralights models


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1/ Comparative tests on WT9 tow aircraft (April 2016) - COMPARATIVE VIDEO


The 3-blades E-PROPS propeller ground adjustable pitch
- is lighter (gain 9,5 kg)
- less expensive (gain 3 879 €)
- with a 6,5 time higher TBO
is significantly more efficient than the 3-blades variable pitch WOODCOMP

=> PDF file

=> comparative video (Aspres / Buëch, April 2016)


eprops remorqueur

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EXCEPTIONAL => "real time" comparative video :


simultaneous take-off of two WT9 Rotax 912S, with the same glider


Only propellers are different


décollage simultané


WT9 with variable pitch WOODCOMP

à droite

WT9 with ground adjustable E-PROPS



comparative tests propellers tow aircraft e-props woodcomp





2/ Comparative propellers tests made on WT9 Dynamic Club SD tow aircraft (May 2014)


Between :

- reference propeller : composite 3-blades ground adjustable pitch (DUC WINDSPOON)

- E-Props Durandal 100-R propeller : carbon 3-blades ground adjustable pitch


Result : with the E-Props, rate of climb is better of more than 30 % against the reference propeller


* Test report dated 17/01/2007 : Dynamic with reference propeller

* Test report dated 20/05/2014 : Dynamic with E-Props propeller

=> Summary July 2014



essais comparatifs hélices sur WT9 Dynamic remorqueur

7 good reasons to use a E-Props Durandal 100-R propeller on a tow plane





3/ Comparative : DURANDAL-R with 2-blades variable pitch propeller


End of 2013, a comparative test has been done between two propellers for tow planes :

- 2-blades composite variable pitch, Ø 172 cm, weight 8,6 kg

- 3-blades carbon E-PROPS DURANDAL 100-R ground adjustable pitch, Ø 180 cm, weight 2,8 kg


Characteristics of the 3-blades E-PROPS compared with 2-blades variable pitch :

● better efficiency : + 29 kg of static thrust

● lighter : minus 5,8 kg, to respect the max MOI of the ROTAX engines (6000 kg.cm²)

● less expensive (see PRICES)

● easiest to manage in flight

● without maintenance

● MTBO : 2.000 hours


E-PROPS : better than a variable pitch propeller !


The DURANDAL 100-R has specially been designed for tow aircraft




comparatif hélices pour ULM remorqueurs



ULM remorqueur tow aircraft E-Props propeller

ULM remorqueur tow aircraft E-Props propeller

ULM remorqueur tow aircraft E-Props propeller

ULM remorqueur tow aircraft E-Props propeller



E-PROPS : the best choice of propellers for tow aircraft