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The certification of an aeronautical equipment is a process which allows to make sure of the reproducibility and the follow-up quality of this product, from the design phase through the use on a plane. It is an excellent principle in aeronautics, domain where an error or a negligence could have dramatic consequences. Except ultralights or homebuilt aircraft, the other aircraft are certified and must follow strict standards.



The propellers which equip the certified planes must themselves be certified. Today, the obtaining of an aeronautical certification is a complex, long and expensive process. It is not only a question of certifying the production of the manufacturer, but also its method of design of products, assembly line then product itself, and finally adaptation of the product to a defined aircraft.


The process of certification contains several phases and lasts several years. After the certification and the start of a product, the certification agency assures throughout the useful life of the product its responsibility of the surveillance of the initial airworthiness. Besides, a certified product can undergo repairs and modifications, themselves that must be in accordance with the regulations of airworthiness and approved by the competent authority.


E-Props propellers for Ultralights / Aircraft are since the beginning

designed, then made and tested

to meet the requirements aeronautical standards




Two examples :


1/ A very strict quality control in all the stages of the manufacturing, allowing to determine if the components of propellers are in accordance or not with the specifications and the preestablished requirements, including decisions of acceptance, rejection or retouch.


E-PROPS ensures the production monitoring by RFID and KANBAN method. These methods and tools optimize the manufacturing quality, reassure and fluidify the supplies, allow the real-time follow-up of the production process, the traceability of all the manufacturing steps, and offer a set of successful and reliable indicators.




E-PROPS : production monitoring by RFID and KANBAN




2/ Centrifugal load tests of a set "carbon hub and carbon blade": the E-Props propellers hold 6 times the maximal load during 1 hour without any damages (EASA CS-P asks only 2 times for certified propellers). See Centrifugal load test of a carbon E-Props propeller




In 2017, ELECTRAVIA - Hélices E-PROPS begins the certification

of the company (engineering and production line),

as well as of certain models of aircraft propellers




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