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caracteristiques helices carbone ulm avion



Propellers of 3rd generation


eprops the best propellers les meilleures helices

- ultra-light : the E-PROPS are the WORLD's lightest propellers

- extremely strong : 100% carbon braid


- exceptional performances. The secret ?

Blades with thin chords (width of the blades) + specific profiles + innovative patented designs = reduction of the blades drag = optimal efficiency = significant gain of thrust with reduction of the fuel consumption


E-Props geometries





185 different blades geometries

High CL profiles by Hélices E-Props (software LmPTR)

Adapted diameter and blades' numbers

Adapted chord for maximum ESR effect

Specific models to reduce noise, as on EXCALIBUR-6











100% carbon + epoxy resin

Optimum use of carbon fibers to obtain light and strong blades

Foam core with D-Box

RTM manufacturing process

High UV protection additive

HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process, specifically designed by E-PROPS : ensures an exceptional strength of the blade

=> see manufacturing


Blade's foot





Carbon fiber rolled up on a titanium ring

No risk of galvanic corrosion because no metal part

Exceptional strength (calculated and verified)

=> see manufacturing









100% carbon + epoxy resin high T° (120°C)

Ground adjustable pitch

Compact hub for minimum drag and to optimize engine's cooling

Optimum tightening anti vibrations Nord-Lock screws

=> see manufacturing

Hubs drawings to adapt the spinners


Leading edge protection




Strong leading edge protection in Nanostrength® resin

2 years Impact Garantee

=>see leading edge protection


Moment of Inertia




Moment of Inertia calculed then verified

Strict respect of the engines limitations

=> see moment of inertia






Blades and hubs balancing at each manufacturing step

Propellers balanced with an electronic bench

=>see balancing


Tracability / blade's remplacement










RFID chip inserted in each blade and each hub's part, with all technical data inside.

Unique serial number on each blade

Strict quality control; quick replacement of one blade possible

=> see manufacturing

To know if a blade can be repaired or not, please send pictures of the damages and indicate the serial number (4 or 4 numbers).

Please note : the serial numbers do not necessarily follow each other. Those serial numbers are assigned at the beginning of the manufacturing process (for the best tracability), and at the end the propellers are balanced with different blades and hubs series. Il is normal to have different serial numbers on the blades and on the hub of the same propeller.


Pitch adjustment




Ground adjustable pitch propellers

Simple adjustment with a precise digital protractor

=>see pitch adjustment


Life limitation - MTBO







recommended major periodic inspection : 2.000 hrs

=> see tests

Visual inspection of the propeller + check of the pitch + check of the screws tightening => every 50 flight hours   AND/OR   every 3 months on WARM ENGINE


Periodic checks





Tightening of the propeller on the engine is essential and has to be done regularly.

Visual inspection of the propeller + check of the pitch + check of the screws tightening => every 50 flight hours   AND/OR   every 3 months, on a warm engine

=> why such recommendations ? See explanations on : hubs / screws / drillings


Mechanical Strength / Tests






Centrifugal load : break at 11.000 tonnes, safety coefficient : 7,2

Carbon propeller can hold 6 times the maximal load during 1 hour without any damages

Stress the blade with alternating bending during 2.000 hours at 10 times the worse case of functioning

=> see tests






Propellers designed, made and tested to meet the requirements aeronautical standards (AESA CS-P) / Certified following the LSA (ASTM F2506-13)

=> see certification










Delivered with the propeller :

- Flange (black anodized)

- Complete screw kit with Nord-Lock washers

- Digital Protractor

- Integrated Spacers Sytems (ISS), remplace the spacer, if necessary

In option :

- Carbon Spinners or Mini-Spinners : several diameters









If you are not totally satisfied, you can send the propeller back and E-PROPS reimburse you.

E-PROPS is the only manufacturer in the world to propose this garantee

To propose this garantee, the E-PROPS team is confident of the performances and quality of its propellers !


Number of different ultralights / aircraft models equipped with E-Props propellers at this day (18-04-2018)


thousands of E-Props are on more than 200 different models of ultralights / LSA

(without counting the paramoteurs models


E-PROPS users feedback




=> see the page USERS FEEDBACK


Order / Payment / Delivery




Direct order : E-SHOP or contact us by email helices@e-props.fr


Worldwide delivery by Express (DHL / FEDEX / UPS...)





At E-PROPS, we do not propose an "universal blade" which can be used for all engines and all aircraft, when cutted more or less, but blades with different chords, diameters and profiles, manufactured in different specific molds, in order to provide customised propellers.
Today we propose more than 185 blades geometries. That's why E-PROPS propellers are exactly adapted to their aircraft and engines.



changer d'hélice pourquoi ? why change propeller ?



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